Washing your hands properly is one of the most important things.  You can do to help prevent & control the spread of many illness.  Good hand hygiene will reduce the risk of things like Flu, Food Poisoning & Health Care associated infections being passed from person to person.


  • Clean hands save lives and stop the spread of many infections.
  • Washing your hands regularly is the single most effective way of stopping the spread of many common infections.
  • When health care workers, like Doctors & Nurses keep the hands clean, they help prevent the spread of serious healthcare associated infections.
  • It is particularly important to wash your hands after going to the Toilet, Before Eating or Handling Food & after Handling Animals.
  • Remember, clean hands save lives & stop the spread of many infections.

Some of the common infections we can help prevent by regular hand washing include:

  • Colds & Flue.
  • Runny Noses & Chest infections.
  • Many tummy bugs that causes Diarrhea & Vomiting.
  • Eye infections like Conductivities.
  • Food relate bugs that can be spread when cooking or barbecuing food.

Many of these infections are common in Children, so parents should make sure that children wash their hands regularly.Some infections found in health care facilities like Hospitals, which can be very serious & sometimes fatal.  We can help stop the spread of these infections by making sure that healthcare workers, patients & visitors all make sure that their hands are clean. Remember clean hands save live & stop the spread of many infections. Hand sanitizer can now be found in the entrances to nursing homes & hospitals and in many public wash rooms. We all know the importance of proper hand washing in reducing harmful germ transmission.  However there are times when there is no access to soap & water or not enough time to wash thoroughly.

Hand sanitizers were developed for use after washing hands or for those times when soap & water are not available.  They are gels that contain alcohol in order to kill germs prevent on the skin.  The alcohol works immediately & effectively in orders.  But alcohol can be very drying to the skin.  And due to excessive use of alcohol based hand sanitizer that alcohol can penetrate into the skin and cause internal damage to the skin.  So, alcohol free hand sanitizer is the best alternative.

Alcohol free sanitizers with antimicrobial activity give long lasting protection without drying hands.

  • ZAPCARE, being an alcohol free hand sanitizer, made up of antimicrobial benzalkonium chloride, as tough on germs & safe on skin.
  • ZAPCARE provide moisturizer to the skin & give long lasting coverage to the skin against microbes. It maintains a reduction in bacteria six hours after application.
  • ZAPCARE contains the antimicrobial chemical called quaternary ammonium compounds or “Quats” which kills germs.

It is true quats linger on the hands while alcohols evaporates in 10 or 20 seconds.

But the product is more likely to provide lasting protection than alcohol based sanitizers.  The product provide continuous effectiveness when applied every two to four hours along with hand washing.  And again ZAPCARE does not dry or irritate the skin, no redness also.  It is gentler on the hands than soap & water.