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Yoga is our ancient life style. It is not a therapy but a culture for living a holistic life. During modern times we are considering only physical health as health while in our Hindustani culture, health was always associated with Body, Mind and Soul. It is difficult to get a good health unless these three elements of health are properly balanced. Your health is related to Aahaar-Vihaar-Vyavahar. Medicines are meant for regaining the lost health but they cannot help you maintain and improve the health. In case of emergency one must take recourse to the medication, but during normal conditions health needs to be gained through your Diet-Exercise-Dealing.

Here I am making a humble effort and giving certain tips based on the above health philosophy.

Get up early in the morning during Bramha-Muhurta

i.e., between 3 and 4 in the morning. The reason being, the environment is tranquil and there is abundance of Oxygen in Ozone form during 3 to 6 a. m. This is the most suitable time for Vihaar, i.e., jogging, exercising in the form of physical exercises, performing Praanaayam and doing Aasanaas.

Walking, Jogging, Exercise and Aasanas apart,

90% health is gained and the ailments are cured only due to ½ an hour to 1 hour Praanaayaama. To start with one should practice two Praanaayaamas namely Anulom-Vilom (Inhalation-Exhalation) and Kapaal Bhaati alternatively for five five minutes. Aasanas and higher Praanaayaamas should be learnt under the expert guidance.

Even though all these are supplementary and complementary to each other

We must understand the importance of each one and pay sufficient attention to all of them. Air (oxygen) is most important for the health of the body and mind. Therefore unless we do praanaayaama properly and sufficiently, our blood will not get sufficiently purified which is the main cause of all the ailments and diseases. Through our blood the necessary nutrition to each and every cell of the body gets carried and supplied and all the impurities are carried to the kidneys and lungs for filtering and purification. If blood is healthy (mixed with more oxygen) it can do this job effectively. That will give you good health. Our blood also fights with all the foreign elements in the body and flushes them out of the body.

Intake of sufficient water that too in a systematic way shall help in proper functioning of blood and also other parts.

Water only is responsible for generation and maintenance of greasing in our joints. If sufficient water is not drunk, it may result into joint pains (more so, knee pain) all over the body as the insufficient greasing results in depreciation of joints at a faster rate. In the absence of sufficient water content in the blood, it gets thickened and that can result into high blood pressure.

One must stop drinking water at least 48 minutes before

The eating time and must not drink upto 2 hours after eating. The reason being, whatever we eat that must be properly digested in the upper intestine wherein food gets digested through the mechanism of secretion of digestive acids. If you drink water during the specified period, the digestive acids in the stomach shall get diluted and that will create hindrance in digestion. Unless food is properly digested, it will not get converted into nutritive fluids to be absorbed by the body through the blood. If the food is not digested it will go in waste through the defecation

Immediately on getting up, drink at least one to 1 ½ litres of potable water.

If you are obese and/or asthmatic drink warm water. It compensates the shortage of water content in the body and also builds up pressure on our stomach and stirs it up. Due to this you get a good natural call and your stomach is cleaned well. When you defecate well, your health improves. Water should be drunk only in sitting position that too with a glass. You should not directly drink with bottle. Drinking in standing position and directly from a bottle also create certain health problems like arthritis.

In Aahaar, there are 3 components – Food, Water and Air.

The food should be Satvik (without excess masaalaas, less of salt and cooking oil). Water should be potable and the air which inhale must be pure. In general our daily food intake is around 500 to 600 grams, water 3 to 5 liters and air 25 thousand to 30 thousand liters. From the quantum comparison we can appreciate the relative importance of these components of our food. Without food one can live upto 25 to 30 days, without water 1 to 2 days and without air 3 to 5 minutes only. From this analysis also we can appreciate the relative values of these components.

Therefore, our blood must be pure and strong enough to effectively carry out its functions.

For this purpose it requires sufficient oxygenation and water. Water dilutes the blood and promotes its proper and efficient flow throughout the body and keeps all the parts of our body hale and healthy consequent upon which they also function in a proper manner.

Now regarding the timing of water and food intake.

Children and pregnant women should eat 4 times a day. Adults should eat only thrice a day. All these intakes must be properly distributed with almost equal intervals. After sunset intake of food and water both should be avoided. If the sunset is inconvenient to you, you must not do this after 7 pm in the evening.

Regarding Vyavahaar (Dealings), you must be fair in dealing with all others,

Your family members, your neighbours, your society, the nation and the universe as a whole. If you wish to have health and happiness you must be in proper alignment with the entire God’s creation- animate and inanimate. You must not exploit anything and anybody in this universe. One must follow the saying of Mahatma Gandhi, “The world has enough for everyone’s need, but not enough for everyone’s greed”.

Therefore you have to properly time your food intake and water intake. Otherwise incomplete digestion will create so many health problems.

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